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Photos of Paul Wilhelm (William) Bartsch, Sr.

Paul W. Bartsch, Sr.Gertrude Penner Bartsch. She was born in 1891, and this picture was taken in 1916. She must have been about 25 years of age. This was 4 years before she married Paul.

Three Siblings: Paul W. Bartsch (1891-1967) at the top; Helene Marie Bartsch (1894-1966) on the left; Hans Bartsch (1884-1959) on the right.Johannes Bartsch, Jr. (1848-1915) and his wife, Anna Hamm Bergman Bartsch (1847-1926) along with their three surviving children: Hans, the eldest, with the hat; Paul Willhelm, facing the camera, and the youngest, Helene Marie. The sun must have been too bright for both the youngest and the eldest! 

Paul W. Bartsch, Sr. and his two oldest children. Anna Marie, the eldest, on the left and John Theodore (Johnnie) on the right.Paul and Gertrude on their wedding day, April 14, 1920. They were both 28. Interestingly enough, they shared the same birthday - May 13, 1891. She was born in Beatrice, NE, he in Auli Ata, Russian Turkmenistan.

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